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Acquaflex offers a large range of biocides and preservative to keep the microbiological contamination under control in papermaking industry.

Acquaflex non-oxidizing biocides have a synergic effect between the different raw materials to achieve the best results at the lowest concentration, minimum environmental impact and consider the worker’s safety. Acquaflex’ biocides and preservatives meet the new European Standard 98/8/CE.

Our R&D application lab studies new and advanced formulations of oxidizing biocides resulting in an increase of their application in the market. New biocides based on slow bromine releasing in the paper mill waters and innovative bio-dispersant have been developed, reducing the corrosion effects and enhancing the biocide action. This new applications provides an increase in the R.O.I. in critical situations and in particular due to the use of low quality raw material.

  • BLUEMATE 413: oxidizing biocide that release stabilised free bromine
  • BIOBROMINE: ready to use stabilised free bromine biocide with bio-dispersant
  • Very effective non oxidizing biocides
  • Dispersant and bio-dispersant with low environmental impact
  • Preservatives for raw material
  • Preservatives/anti-mould for paper and cardboard
  • Full biocides treatment complying with BFR and FDA
trattamenti biocidi



A high quality retention and drainage system guarantees high machine performance and an excellent quality of paper.

A good chemical control of retention in the wet side permits to retain fillers, fines and fibres and, improves the drainage, guarantee the highest machine efficiency and cost reduction.

Acquaflex technologies for retention and drainage have been formulated and developed to obtain the wet-end control, specifically for any machine and any paper production: advanced technologies based on new polymers with a very small diameter (microemulsions), new coagulants and activated silica solutions and/or bentonite additives.

Acquaflex technologies for retention and drainage are:

  • Anionic and cationic polyacrylamide
  • Anionic and cationic polyamide
  • Polyamine
  • Dosing equipment



The profitability of wet strength paper recycling is function of the time needed for repulping. In some cases the repulping time is so long that wet strength paper recycling is not profitable. In these cases is necessary to add a chemical able to degrade the resins used for improving wet strength.

Acquaflex technology does not contains halogens (no AOX increase); the product is a powder in a useful 5 kg white paper packaging, which is safe to handle.

The experience in the use of the technology has demonstrated that the correct use of this chemical enables it to improve the pulp quality and reduce the pulping time, in some cases by 50 %.

By the use of Acquaflex de-inking product it is possible to reduce the colour effect of the recycled papers avoiding colours spots during reworking it for light colour productions.




Organic contaminants originate from natural or synthetic sources depending whether the problem is concerning wood pitch or adhesives and coating binders from secondary fibres or broken (stickies).

They can deposit throughout the stock preparation and headbox on forming fabrics, press rolls and on other machines surfaces. Pitch and stickies increase the breakages, reduce the end product quality, and facilitate the slime deposition.

Acquaflex can provide a complete range of chemicals (vegetable solvents in water solutions) that drastically reduce the adhesive properties of pitches and stickies allowing easy disposal with the waste water.

pitch e stikies



The fouling on felts and wires surfaces and the progressive pores occlusion produce many serious disadvantages as production loss, paper quality reduction, unscheduled shutdown and increasing production costs.

To reduce the disadvantages produced by fouling Acquaflex has developed a full line of application that keeps the clothing clean with the use of a low quantity of chemicals which does not interfere with the physical-chemical parameters of water, even in case of over dosaging.

Acquaflex technicians will advise the correct conditioning/cleaning treatment depending on the typology and location of deposit, following, if required, the regulation for paper used as food packaging or paper that goes in contact with the skin. The dosage systems of this applications are also very simple and not expensive.

  • Cationic passivating agent for wet wire and felts
  • Non-ionic passivating agent for forming fabric and felts
  • Continuous cleaning (high pressure bar)
  • Specific treatment for PM using wet strength resins
  • Batch on the fly felt cleaning
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