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Help - CoA

In order to improve constantly our Customers’ information and services, Acquaflex will make available all Certificate of Analysis, that can be download with specific Password and Username.
You need to fill in relative form, to download our certificates of analysis:

- Username: Your VAT number (including national alphabetical letters)

- Password: Your “Custom code” Acquaflex.

Both of them are available up on the right, on all Acquaflex administrative documents, (Delivery note, Order confirmation and Invoice) and you have to insert them exactly as indicated.

- Batch: Fill in every batch number. Eg. 16‐00079 (without product name and “/” o “ _”). Batch number is available on Acquaflex Delivery note. In “Batch field” type exactly indicated on Delivery Note: Eg.: 13‐A0563, 12‐R89,or 13‐00436, ecc

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