Closed circuit are commonly present in industrial and domestic sector and the performance of processes is related to their efficiency. This type of circuit often has corrosion problems (particularly when using glycol/water blends) and, as a consequence, sludge deposit and blockages which can compromise functionality.

Acquaflex has developed safe handling technologies that allows scale and deposits removal. It is possible to select offline cleaning by using none aggressive additives or online cleaning by using “Clean Light” technologies.

“Clean Light” technologies allows iron oxide, sludge and slime removal from a closed circuit without having to stop the plant. It is also not necessary to empty, drain and rinse the circuit which avoids the need for wastewater disposal.

Acquaflex have a full range of products (certified by independent institutions) to prevent corrosion, scale and microbiological growth; this wide range of products provides treatment for all types of circuits depending on make-up water, temperature, surfaces metallurgy and presence of glycol.

To achieve this target Acquaflex designs and provides:

  • “Clean Light Technologies”: online cleaning, with no plant stop, no draining, and no rinsing
  • Cleaning in none aggressive conditions
  • Full conditioning treatment, also SNF CIAS approved
  • Corrosion inhibitor specific for glycol and overheated water (up to 230° C)
  • Biocide with bio-static effect
  • Pre-commissioning cleaning technologies