The fouling on felts and wires surfaces and the progressive pores occlusion produce many serious disadvantages as production loss, paper quality reduction, unscheduled shutdown and increasing production costs.

To reduce the disadvantages produced by fouling Acquaflex has developed a full line of application that keeps the clothing clean with the use of a low quantity of chemicals which does not interfere with the physical-chemical parameters of water, even in case of over dosaging.

Acquaflex technicians will advise the correct conditioning/cleaning treatment depending on the typology and location of deposit, following, if required, the regulation for paper used as food packaging or paper that goes in contact with the skin. The dosage systems of this applications are also very simple and not expensive.

  • Cationic passivating agent for wet wire and felts
  • Non-ionic passivating agent for forming fabric and felts
  • Continuous cleaning (high pressure bar)
  • Specific treatment for PM using wet strength resins
  • Batch on the fly felt cleaning
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