The equipment used for steam, warm and overheated water production have progressively increased their efficiency, so it’s necessary to use an excellent quality of make-up and boiler water, to keep constant over time these characteristics and to prevent facilities’ damage.

The modern boiler water treatments must comply with the chemical parameters required by the manufacturers and by the regulations through the usage of non-hazardous actives. They must also optimize the volumes of bleed off water, simplify and reduce the activities of the maintenance staff.

In many industrial plants (pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food) and in domestic and institutional building it is necessary to take care about the specific regulations (FDA, ISO TS 22001) to avoid potential risks coming from the chemical additives.

To achieve this target Acquaflex designs and provides:

  • Oxygen scavengers (volatile, non-volatile, passivating agent, and low temperature water additives)
  • Condensate conditioners (alkalizing amines, film-forming additives, and none alkalizing amines)
  • Sludge conditioning, antifouling and dispersants agents
  • Corrosion inhibitors for hot and overheated water boilers
  • Full treatments compliant with ISO TS 22002
  • Full treatments GRAS FDA 173: 310
  • Online cleaning
  • Alkaline boiling and chemical cleaning (conforming to UNI 7582)
  • Cleaning performed in not aggressive conditions