Acquaflex offers a large range of biocides and preservative to keep the microbiological contamination under control in papermaking industry.

Acquaflex non-oxidizing biocides have a synergic effect between the different raw materials to achieve the best results at the lowest concentration, minimum environmental impact and consider the worker’s safety. Acquaflex’ biocides and preservatives meet the new European Standard 98/8/CE.

Our R&D application lab studies new and advanced formulations of oxidizing biocides resulting in an increase of their application in the market. New biocides based on slow bromine releasing in the paper mill waters and innovative bio-dispersant have been developed, reducing the corrosion effects and enhancing the biocide action. This new applications provides an increase in the R.O.I. in critical situations and in particular due to the use of low quality raw material.

  • BLUEMATE 413: oxidizing biocide that release stabilised free bromine
  • BIOBROMINE: ready to use stabilised free bromine biocide with bio-dispersant
  • Very effective non oxidizing biocides
  • Dispersant and bio-dispersant with low environmental impact
  • Preservatives for raw material
  • Preservatives/anti-mould for paper and cardboard
  • Full biocides treatment complying with BFR and FDA
trattamenti biocidi